Dear Pirates!

I am MIR. I am a Guru in the name of the FSM and of the Goddess Eris (Discordia).

Just like Madame Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner have, I have received the holy masterplan to create a new esoteric school by visions. I have found out about several new spiritual knowledge, some healing methods and some wellness-programs, where some of which are inspired by or by

This new esoteric circle is devoted to the FSM and to a pirate's way of life, and it shall be called FSMoSophy. FSMoSophy is the traditional secret knowledge on how the FSM interacts with the Souls, the 23 Chakras, and how the snake of live called Kundalini can be seen as a network of Noodly Appendages.

My interests are in the historical aspects of our new, but already traditional religion and I would like to mention that in the year 2015 we can celebrate out 10th anniversary!

Hail Eris & Ramen.

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