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Message from Blue-Whitey, the cloud child. I'm Blue-Whitey, My Father was "Thunder-Clap the Grey who "mingled" with My Mom "Pink-Fluffy" and so I was born just above north west Earth ("eh"). Lately We have to beware of this radical cloud called the "Flying Spaghetti Monster" (FSM). FSM Is sort of a thickish cloud that is really "strung out on itself" and even has fooled  some "ground people" into worshiping it! Personally I think FSM just got strung out from ALL the toxic chemicals We clouds have to absorb from the absolute filth emanating from ground people's  activities! Ground people seem to think We clouds are just here today & gone tomorrow. Actually We simply descend to Earth & rise again.Unfortunately nowadays We seem to pick up so much filth from the Earth! Even worse when We descend,the toxic pollution in Us is spread across the Earth, even into "pure" areas! Hopefully the Ground People will "smarten up" before this Planet turns into a giant rotten ball of filth where NO LIFE can EXIST! God help Us ALL!Cheers & Luck, Blue-Whitey

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