He is a pretty cool guy.  The great prophet Ragu, the One True Heir to the prophet Mosey, was born in the port city of Cyrene to a local farmer, who raised him to follow in his footsteps. Ragu, however, could not function in normal society, being plagued with epileptic fits that constantly ostracized him from the community.

At the age of ten, Ragu was part of a miracle performed by the pirate Mosey, who had just arrived in Cyrene and was preaching the good news of the FSM. As a sign, Mosey touched the boy's head with some wet noodles that had been dipped in sauce blessed through the FSM; Ragu's epilepsy never returned. He soon became a devout follower of the pirate, inspiring the people to rise up against the pirate king Blackhook when next he came to Cyrene.

At nearly all of his religion's greatest moments, Ragu was there. When Mosey went up to the top of Mt. Salsa to receive to word from the FSM, Ragu was there, keeping the people calm with words of wisdom. When it came time for Mosey to buy a missionary vessel, Ragu selected the one they would use, even christening it Lasagne.

After 12 years at sea, Ragu was one of those who survived the attack on the Pastafarian vessel, soon becoming the spiritual leader of this group of people as well. After composing a number of prayers to the FSM, Ragu led his people off the shores of the Mediterranean and into what is now Saudi Arabia, wandering through the desert and most of Iran for 47 years until they finally reached the foot of the Himalayas, at which point they began to build the holy city of Hanuwumdra.

In AD 26 (Pastafarian Year 101), at the ripe old age of 123, after having completed directing the building of Hanuwumdra and having composed over 500 hymns and prayers since the burning of the Lasagne, Ragu died, promising on his deathbed that "a Chosen Linguini shall come... indeed, he is coming, very soon... and the noodly appendage of the Flying Spaghetti Monster will guide him always... and you shall know him when he comes... and his name shall be--"

At that moment, Ragu died, leaving his prophecy unfinished. To this day, most sects of Pastafarianism await the time of this Chosen Linguini, hoping they will know him when he comes. Another sect, however, believes that he has already come and gone, in the personage of one of the religion's most famous disciples:Ishmali Camuwundra.

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