Pastafarianism is expanded in many countries. According to thumb|left|link=File:Fsmof.png


Pastafarianism, several countries have historic importance to the religion and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


India was the location where Pastafarianism's capital, Handuwan, was built. After the location was chosen by Ragu, Ishmali, an Indian prophet of the religion, was born in 7FSM (7 AD). Also, Indian Ninjas led a revolt against the religion, as well as a purge, during the 1700s,




The first Pastafarians were Egyptian, including Mosey. Mosey and his crew were the first pirates, which were the chosen people of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Mosey traveled around the world spreading Pastafarianism across Egypt. Pharaoh Ptolemy XII, the ruler of Egypt, ruled and oppressed over Mosey and his band of short order cooks.

Greece and LibyaEdit

The prophet Ragu was born in the Greek colony of Cyrene, Libya.