His flavour can indeed become even more excellent and it is written:-

Thou ought ever seek to improve thy Pasta, to more closely approach the Divine Noodliness. [1]

Healthy pasta and sauce

Below is a healthy recipe that’s easy to prepare, has sufficient vitamins and is tasty. Ingredients can be adapted


according to what a worshipper personally likes or dislikes.

  1. Buy meat balls, or if you are a vegetarian Quorn balls. Meat balls may be high in saturated fat and unhealthy.
  2. Boil them up with spaghetti, (brown spaghetti is healthier) cheese, lentils and pasta sauce.
  3. Add frozen fruit or vegetables like broccoli, pineapple chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables, sweetcorn etc.
  4. Fresh vegetables are also OK but need more preparation. Tinned vegetables risk scurvy or other vitamin deficiencies if eaten too often. Towards the end add a jar of pasta sauce, choose a healthy one with low sugar and salt content. Red pasta sauce gives due reverence to His Sacred Blood provided for us.
  5. Optional, if you are preparing this for one, cook the vegetables in one saucepan; and the pasta, meatballs and sauce in another. At some point, add an amount of pasta and sauce you want to the vegetables. The rest of the pasta sauce can be kept to eat later, or allowed to cool and frozen to eat much later.
  6. Enjoy with due reverence and gratitude to His Noodliness.

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