Flying Spaghetti Monster
The Flying Spaghetti Monster
220px-FSM Logo.svg.png
FSM Symbol
Type Spaghetti Creator
First Appearance Beginning of Time
Last Appearance 2520 SW 12th Cir. Lees Summit MO 64081
Country The Entire World
Jobs Creator, Leader of Pirates
Friends Mosey, Pirates

Thy FSM is the bestest there ever was, and will be. No god will ever be on his level.


"Thy noodle come, Thy sauce be yum, on top some grated Parmesan. Give us this day our garlic bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trample on our lawns. And lead us not into vegetarianism, but deliver us some pizza, for thine is the meatball, the onion, and the bay leaves, forever and ever, ramen"

Pray everyday and never EVER look to another religion or you will suffer the consequences.

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