Egyptian Dwarf Bes proving the FSM even more...
Flying spaghetti monster creating mountain trees and midget.jpg
FSM Symbol
Type Tiny, Person-thing
First Appearance The Fifth Day (The Big Bang)
Last Appearance soon after
Country North America (guess)
Jobs First human, first creature to screw up, annoying creature to FSM, set an example for man kind, Messenger, Olive Eater
Friends Mosey, Pirates

'The Dwarf , or mostly called,the Midget, was the first human created, and made the FSM have second thoughts about whether his human idea was a good thing. The dwarf lived in the Olive Garden of Eden, where he was told he could eat anything in the gardern except for

"...the olive tree, for the olive itself is good, but the pit inside is rock hard, and you could choke on it, or break a tooth..." -FSM

The Midget ignored this for most of the time, since he didn't feel like eating pasta and olives for seven days a week, so he renamed the food groups, since the original names were much too complex for this early man to understand.

Food Groups

The FSM's names that were created for the food groups, were rewritten by the Dwarf, for whatever reason. The original food groups as they were created appear below.

  • Cattle
  • Pigs
  • Chicken

Man couldn't take the time to say these four to seven letter words all the time, so he devised new names seen below.

  • Beef
  • Ham, or Pork
  • Chicken (Wasn't creative enough to make up more new names)


The Dwarf

The Dwarf decays from FSM history, as the FSM supposedly forgot about the Dwarf. The Dwarf's current whereabouts are unknown.

Artist Interpretation

My inreptation of the dwarf.jpeg

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