Kate Susan Kate Susan 20 January 2020


Hi, everybody!

I am of the FSM Alician sect


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IanTheHalfling IanTheHalfling 20 November 2017

Quote of the Day

From the words of his noodly apendace "I’d Really Rather You Didn’t go around telling people I talk to you. You’re not that Interesting. Get over yourself. And I told you to love your fellow man, can’t you take a hint?"

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WhoamItoblowagainstthewind WhoamItoblowagainstthewind 8 December 2016

Why we need dodays

We already have ordinary days, when ordinary midgets do stuff that ordinary midgets do. However, it would be a lot easier for all of us if we could designate certain days of the week to this. Lets call them "dodays" and lets use them to do different things. Then we can use the ordinary days to do absolutely nothing, or whatever we like.

For instance, if this was a doday I would probably teach my students a thing or two about religion. Maybe I would tell them about "Pastafarianism"? Who knows? Since it is an ordinary day, however, I choose to do "funstuff" (which is another word we need to include in our vocabulary) like writing this short blog.

HAEL (Have an exquisite life),


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Chibifoxkit Chibifoxkit 1 November 2015

A new Sect

Howdy, I'm Minister Father Preacher McFoxy, a Minister for a sect at a college in Florida. We're not sure what to call ourselves yet, but we're all (for the most part) furries as well as Hackers, Crackers and IT specalists. We hold weekly meetings at my condo and on my boat...er ship. It's really a boat. I just wanted to know how other Sects do things...i'm still a new Minister and I've got a marriage ceremony next week i'll be doing. I'm kinda excited. 

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SpaghettiHead SpaghettiHead 13 May 2012

An Apology

You may know me. Or to be more specific you don't know me.

I have been a...fairly inactive administrator of this place. By this, I mean I completely forget I made the site in the first place. I am indeed a fool.

But you guys - you didn't forget. You worked to build up this fine wiki, which I am presently going over with enjoyment.

I'm proud of myself for making this forum - even though by all rights that pride is misguided, because I basically abandoned this forum.

So kudos for those who didn't abandon it.

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