The Beer Volcano is located in The Great Pasta Bowl, the Pastafarian heaven. Heaven (or the Pasta Bowl). A constant source of great cool beer flows from the volcano. It is also a source of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as desired.

In Pastafarian Hell, there is a stale beer volcano.

Features:[edit | edit source]

  • An infinite supply of bottles to catch the beer in. For those with bad aim, the cups can come with a magnetism that attracts beer.
  • A beverage selection dial, offering an infinite array of tasty liquid refreshments, for the underage and those who do not favor beer. (Notably, Pirates may prefer rum.)
  • A dedicated janitor to clean the spilled beer. (He is paid in beer and therefore enjoys his task.)
  • A beer gun, which allows for awesome stunts of shooting beer into each other's mouths.
  • An ample supply of anti-nausea pills. There is no need for anti-hangover pills, as you'll pretty much be drunk the entire time.
  • Air conditioning. It's a volcano, so the air conditioner has to be the size of a five-story building.
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